About me


  • Master of Science (Computer Science)
  • Software development experience in different programming languages
  • Field of attention: Machine Learning, IT Security
  • Worked abroad as a software engineer for BMW
  • Great commitment as a volleyball coach, band leader, part of the student body

Who Am I?

Hey, whats up? My name is Maximilian Christian Zuleger.

I am 25 years old and currently working for the AUDI AG in Ingolstadt. In October 2017 i finished my computer science studies at the Technischen Hochschule Ingolstadt/Germany. Until July 2012 i went to the FOS science school in munich with main focus on math and computer science. Before that i graduated at the Pater-Rupert-Mayer Realschule in Pullach/Munich.

uploI currently live in Ingolstadt, but my hometown and place of birth is munich. I really enjoy traveling, wherever the future will be – count me in.

My dad is working as a lawyer for the HypoVereinsBank in munich. My mum is teaching german at some (pre)schools in Unterhaching. I really love my two siblings, Cathi and Stefan are working for subsidiary bodies.

During my studies i am working for the Gigatronik AG, which is a subcompany of AUDI. While i was working abroad at BMW North America in Oxnard/California i gathered a lot of experience in software development and improved my english language experience. Before i worked for Siemens and Rohde&Schwarz. Feel free to learn more about my pratical experience on: LINK or Xing

In addition i love to spend a lot of time for extracurricular activities. Since the starting of my studies i have been part of the student body as a member of committees “Senat”, “Sprecherrat”, “Konvent” and “Fachschaft EI”. Further i am the volleyball coach of the Katholische University Eichstätt/Ingolstdt and the band leader of the BigBand at the Hochschule. Besides i am board director of the student Associations “Students’ Life” (organize Partys / Events and sport tournaments), member of “BVH- Börsenclub Ingolstadt” (IT – Server – members administration > 12k members with wordpress) and member of the university council. You are welcome to learn more about me on: Link or Xing

if(curious) Have a look at my skills


Maximilian C. ZulegerSoftware Developer
Skill Knowledge
Programming C,C++,C#,Java,Python,Perl,PHP…
Machine Learning Neural Networks, Image recognition, AI
% 100

Some of my highlights

I really love extensive projects. The best project for me until now was my bachelor thesis about neural networks/machine learning and object recognition tracking. You are welcome to read my work!
Always pay attention to the little things in life! Doing a lot of stuff while studying is a big accomplishment but always watch your time.
I hope you like my work. I am a very motivated student and I love spending time on new innovative stuff.  Have a look at my portfolio and learn more about my projects.
Buidling a coffee capsule holder ;)

Thanks to everybody who supported me. Every love you give will be paid back someday!